What We Do
fresh food
Manufacturers of high quality Caribbean ready meals for foodservice sector, including Hospitals, Schools, Care Homes and prisons

What Makes Us Different
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Authentic Caribbean meals made from a purpose built factory to exacting quality standards including STS accreditation

A Small Selection from our Extensive Range

Our chefs are constantly developing new, high quality dishes for our ever changing menus. Meals are available in two or three compartment trays of differing weights with a combination or choice of yam, sweet potato, breadfruit, boiled rice or seasoned rice with red kidney beans.

We are able to cater for vegetarian and special dietary requirements.

As well as providing delicious and healthy Caribbean meals, we also provide European, Halal and Kosher meals via our carefully selected partners.

Please see below for a small example of our meals. Please contact us for a full meal listing including multi-portion options.

Fried Snapper Fish

fried snapper

Ackees and Saltfish

ackees and saltfish

Curry Mutton

curry mutton

Steamed Hake Fish

Steamed Hake Fish